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Fat Burning Bible: Gut Bacteria And Weight Loss.

Fat Burning Bible: Gut Bacteria And Weight Loss.

A new scientific discovery shows how cell signalling between Gut Bacteria and our body’s cells heavily influences how we gain or lose weight.

A game-changing discovery was made in a study carried out at the Center for Genome Sciences and Systems Biology recently. And it has already made headline news in the Guardian, USA Today, Scientific American, and The Washington Post. (The Impact of Diet and Lifestyle on Gut Microbiota and Human HealthNCBI).

Therefore, there is a good chance that your weight gain may have nothing to do with your calorie intake or exercise.

However, the number of bacteria found in our gut outnumber the number of our own body’s cells ten to one. To bring the point into light: the chemical interactions between these bacteria with one another as well as with your body’s cells is very, very complex.

And you thought your cell biology class was a pain!

The Fat Burning Bible will tell you how to get your Gut Bacteria to burn away your fat; step-by-step, all the way.

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It’s all in the Gut Bacteria.

Imbalance of gut bacteria in your system can lead to obesity. More specifically; an imbalance of the microbiome. The microbiome is a living eco-system in tight symbiosis with the cells in our body that it is, in terms of function, indistinguishable from your own genome.

If you are struggling to lose weight it’s possible that you have developed this imbalance of gut bacteria. Improper antibiotic use, bacterial selective breeding due to unbalanced diets and even baby formulas you had as a kid.

Therefore, don’t give up hope if your old school weight loss regimens haven’t been effective. The Fat Burning Bible might be just what you need to start transforming your life – one pound at a time.

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